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About Broadway Beauty Academy
Thanks to our amazing students and instructors, we offer a variety of training programs. Your education is crucial to your success and we look forward to seeing you prosper on your new career path!

At "Broadway Beauty Academy," you receive:

-Top-notch training from certified experienced lash artists
-One day 8-hour course, we have a two day option if needed, inquire for pricing
-Class size is normally 2-5 students (we run them weekly and accommodate your schedule)
-Classic Individual Application and/or Volume/3D-6D
-Brow Extension Training is available as an upgrade
-MicroBLADING Brow Training is also an upgrade
-A kit for success with the same products we use on a daily basis on our clients
-Certificate of Completion
-EDUCATION! Not just the basics, we go over allergies, diseases and background information so you look educated when speaking to your clients.
-Back-up support, sanitation and incident management
-Web design, business tips and marketing
-Equipment at a discounted price
-Supply access at wholesale pricing
-Necessary documents for your business
-Job opportunities at one of our locations and/or placement at other companies
-Several training facilities - Laguna Hills, Tustin, Whittier, Temecula, Carlsbad, Las Vegas, San Francisco & more
-In most states, except Texas and Illinois, no licensing or prior experience is required, however you are obligated to abide by your states laws and regulations.

We've owned businesses for over 15 years, so let our expertise help you! Applying eyelash extensions is an art! You must be detail oriented, and patient. We want you to succeed, so invest in yourself! It's worth it! 

***If you are new to the industry, this is a phenomenal growing business that has plans to triple in size over the next 5 years. Get onboard! Lash Artists can potentially make $100,000 a year (full-time).

Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions must be done correctly! You need the tools, support, and proper training when you are around peoples eyes! Our training is a well-rounded course backed with an education that will allow you to master the art within weeks. 

With over 15 locations and being the biggest in the industry, this is what we live and breathe everyday, this isn't a hobby. We teach classes 4 days a week and are active in the field lashing/blading! The skills you are about to learn in the art of lashing are crucial to your success, so this decision is an important one and we want to guide you in the right direction.

This class offers our expertise, troubleshooting after class, important sanitation advice, product knowledge, business/marketing tips, client retention skills, equipment discounts, wholesale/discounted supply access, job placement & more!  Most importantly this class will show you how to apply eyelash extensions safely and beautifully!

Class duration for lashes is approximately 8 hours, with a 45 minute lunch break, other classes will have varying class times. Our training facilities are in multiple cities and states, if you have a special request we will do our best to accommodate it. Most classes are 2-5 students, and we run them weekly. ​The day of training you can bring a model, which is recommended, but it's your choice. You will have hands-on practice the last 3 hours of the course. If you don't have a model, we will provide a dollhead, some prefer this.

All students who complete the class successfully will receive a Certificate of Completion. Your "Kit for Success" will includes products that are branded by us; lashes, adhesive, adhesive remover, lash prep/primer, eye gel pads, mascara wands, microfiber brushes, 2 tweezers & more.

No prior experience is required. Upon completing the course you will know how to LASH with success! Please read our "Testimonials" to get a perspective of what other students thought.

What sets us apart is our education program (theory/hands-on), and remember we provide job opportunities/placement, troubleshooting after the class, and supply access/discounts! We also offer a private one on one training starting at $799 (limited availability). Spray tanning training is also an upgrade you can purchase ($199, limited availability)


A non-refundable $200 deposit is required (some classes require a larger deposit, such as Microblading) for enrollment with either package (this is not an additional amount, it comes off the balance).

A COMMON FAQ IS WHY IS THE TRAINING SO AFFORDABLE? The reason why is who really has thousands of dollars to drop down right now on a career? We are allowing you an opportunity to get your foot in the door at a budget friendly price. Although our time is valuable and important, we are realistic. You also want to steer away from prices that are too cheap. We want to train good, hard working, passionate people! No flakes are welcome. Time is limited in life so let's make the best of it, treat those how you want to be treated. :)
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