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Our Job Board for Employers and Employees/Renters/Contractors
Due to popular demand and the amount of students we train on a regular basis, we launched a job board. This is for Employers and Employees/Renters/Contractors. We will post jobs available by Employers. Also, newly and/or experienced lash artists can look for opportunities. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions.
Interested in learning more?
Job/Career Opportunities:

-Lashes on Broadway is hiring for several locations, call us today! Commission, flexible on schedule. 949-229-2797

NEW: Microblading Artists requests from multiple salons/spas/doctors office, please inquire if you want to be referred to someone in your area. Salon/spa owners are looking for a tech trained by us. 

-NEW: San Francisco company looking for experienced tech. Reference ID: Carrie and/or Sam

-NEW: Georgia company looking for newer lash tech, commission. Reference ID: Georgia

-NEW: Rancho Cucamonga company looking for 2 lash techs, commission or rent. Reference ID: Rancho

​-Seal Beach company contacted us to say they are looking for a lash tech! You do need 12 months experience. Reference ID: Cassandra

-Las Vegas lash company is opening next month, he is looking for 2 commission technicians. At least 10 hours experience. Inquire if you are interested. Reference ID: Robert

-Manhattan Beach lash company is looking for a tech. Minimum of 6 months experience. Reference ID: Chandra

-Woodland Hills lash company is looking for a renter. More info to come.

-Pasadena spa is looking for a commission tech and an esthetician to rent, please submit your resume.

-Lash company in Covina is looking for a technician with 6 months minimum

-Sherman Oaks salon is looking for renters and a lash tech.

-Dana Point salon is looking for a lash tech to be on rent.
For technicians, lash artists, estheticians etc:

-We do our best to keep this updated, but it's best to call in for recent postings.

-Remember to have an updated resume with no typos!

-Take pictures of your work

-Find out if there is active clientele before agreeing to rent

-Weekly rents are preferred by most beauty professionals, but be careful of not over extending yourself.

-Booth rent or room rent, call us and we will give you helpful hints

-ALWAYS do your best to leave on good terms, give a 2 week notice and stay away from speaking ill of people, it will come around!

-Don't client poach! It's not worth it.

-Stay away from gossip and drama

-Keep up to date on training

-Order quality products, online purchases can be dangerous.