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"Best training I've had, thank you!"
I recently completed the eyelash certification class by Broadway Beauty Academy and am a very satisfied lash artist! As I had previously taken a lash certification class elsewhere, I was immediately impressed with my instructor's training style. Not only was my instructor knowledgable, friendly, "down to earth" and patient, her hands on approach from the very beginning is the key to quickly learning the ropes and finishing the course confident in your ability to begin providing lash extension services. Whether this is your first time taking a lash certification class, or if you are looking for a "tune up" or "advanced" training, I highly recommend them! - Anna W.
Please read what prior students and customers thought about our Academy, it will shed insight on our training philosophy and methods.
"I wouldn't go anywhere else..."
I researched lash extension classes for months until I finally came across Broadway Beauty Academy in San Juan Capistrano. I was a little concerned at first with the low cost for the class and it only being for one day, instead of the 2 day I kept seeing other trainers providing, but I decided I couldn't pass this up. The price was just too good!!!! I scheduled through their website and purchased the 5-Star kit. I received a call from Amanda to confirm the class and what I needed to be prepared for. I even called her back later that day with a few questions and right away she answered with a "Hi Kristine how are you doing". Pleasant shock she already had my name and number down and was ready to help with anything I needed! Amanda even found a model for me since I was driving from San Diego and didn't want to have someone waiting for me to do the hands on. What a beautiful, open and airy salon to train in! Everyone there was very pleasant, friendly, helpful and professional. Her class is very thorough with a handbook course taught by a retired teacher during the first half of the day. So detailed with the history of lash extensions, sizes, what to use, how to use, safety, dangers, tools and much more! We took a lunch break and then had the remainder of the day for our hands-on part of the course. Amanda has such a friendly, patient personality. I was asking so many questions during the hands-on. I was SO nervous!!! She has a pleasant attitude that kept me calm and properly guided me through the entire process, over and over and over :) Her positive attitude got me through the course with confidence. She has a NO FAIL procedure. You follow it, you succeed!!! She provides everything you need to get rolling: COMPLETE eyelash kit, disclosures, training manual, quick tips, etc. and she still makes herself available for questions, texts and calls! I can't tell you how often I text her and get responses back within minutes. VERY HELPFUL!! You can't go wrong with getting your lash training with Amanda at Broadway Beauty Academy!! The topper?????? There is a FREE refresher with the 5-Star package. What is the refresher??? The day 2 I was nervous about not getting, well I got it! You go in for your day 2 refresher once you have had a minimum of 10 hours hands-on practice. Moving forward and moving with success! Thank you Amanda & Lash Family! I am so excited that you are helping me start my future and so thankful that you are always there for me, even at 10pm!!!! - Kristine‚Äč
"Couldn't be happier, thanks again!"
The eyelash training was amazing! I had the best instructor, she was so sweet and very informative. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. So if anyone is thinking of learning how to do eyelash extensions, you have to come here! - Alicia T.
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Student & Customer Testimonials
My instructor's training was thorough, easy to understand, hands on & I left feeling confident in my ability to practice on my friends! I had training with another company for almost double the price, but at the Broadway Beauty Academy I learned extremely helpful "tricks of the trade" that have increased my speed & improved my technique. I gained confidence with my instructor's guidance. I even started going to her for my own lashes because I know she is doing the job correctly & carefully, one lash at a time. The Owner has a great personality & makes the training fun. The time flys by because we actually practiced as we learned & then put it all together to practice on the model during the second part of the day. I highly recommend this training program & you leave with everything you need to start working! - Lisa W.
I was a happy customer and decided to take the class. I am so excited that I completed your course. The training provided was far superior to other classes I have observed and reviewed. All aspects of the eyelash extension business and products were presented very thoroughly in a positive, upbeat, humorous manner. The individual attention that was given to each of us in the class was awesome. It made all the difference in my comfort level. Wow! You even have follow up time for us if we need it. I walked out of your studio at the end of the training feeling confident that I had learned from the best and had all the education and tools necessary to be a successful practitioner. Thank you so much! - Lynn
"Superior training and beautiful lashes!"
"Thorough and easy to understand!"
I recently took this 2 day lash extension training in Seattle. I first would like to say this is my 2nd time taking a training in lash extensions, and the first training I did was a few years ago in Las Vegas with a different company which was a nightmare!! When I showed up to the first training, it was at someone's house (which I initially thought was strange) and when the "trainer" opened the door she was still in her pajamas with her hair wet, and told me to take a seat while she finished cooking herself breakfast (at this point I was very alarmed and quite pissed because I flew all the way to Vegas for this training!) Needless to say, the training was half assed, she spent a total of 4 hours with me, and had me apply about 4 lashes to her friend and gave me my certificate and said I was ready to start lashing! I had ZERO confidence after that training, and was so frustrated I never really progressed in lashing. Fast forward to a couple weekends ago at the Broadway Beauty Academy's 2 day lash training, and WOAH talk about a LEGIT class!! Amanda is an awesome trainer!! She's thorough with the information she presents (which is a lot so get your pen and paper out!) and she breaks down lashing to the 'T'. All the obstacles I had in the past with lashing, she had the answer to. You get in depth training manual's that explain everything and anything you need to know about lashing. And trust me I re read it often! I feel so much more confident this time around, I just have to say this class will NOT disappoint you and well worth the money!! I would highly recommend this training with Lash Artist Academy to anyone looking for the best lash training out there. I am so excited to start my lash business and having that confident feels SO good!!
"I am so excited to start, and feel so confident!"